Borders between Greek and Turkish, French and England, Oujda and Lampedusa

In occasion of this Meeting, Migreurop will present its Annual Report on Human Rights Violations at Borders: a compared analysis of the consequences of the “management of migratory flows”: detention, expulsion, refoulement and dehumanization at borders between Greece and Turkey and France and UK, as well as in the Region of Oujda (Morocco) and on the island of Lampedusa (Italy).

July the 14th 2009

Cecina, Italy

The following speakers will intervene :

Claire Rodier
, (Migreurop network), general presentation of the report.

Hicham Baraka, (ABCDS, Oujda-Morocco), situation of migrants in transit in Oujda, buffer zone between Morocco and Algeria

Lilly Boillet, (Terre d’Errance, Calaisis-France), migrants drifting in the French North-West, study realised after two years of field work in the jungles of Calais and in the UK

Clemence Durand, (HCA/RLAP, Turkey), migrants situation in Turkey and the more and more frequent refoulements from Greece

Georges Maniatis (Diktio, Greece), situation of migrants in transit in Greece, stuck between Turkey and Italy

Carmen Cordaro (Arci, Italy), migrants situation in Lampedusa and Italian borders

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