Migreurop at the World Social Forum in Bamako

Migreurop took part in the World Social Forum which was held on January 19-23, 2006, 2006 in Bamako, Mali. For the first time on the African continent, the WSF (also held in Venezuela on Jan 24-29, 2006, and in Pakistan, March 24-26 2006), has underlined the issue of international migrations. It was also the occasion to meet several actors until then absent of the forum process.

Migreurop organized several seminars and took part in some others meetings (see the programme). The members of Migreurop also worked with the brand new association Retour, Travail et Dignité created by some 250 deported from Ceuta and Melilla. Together, they discussed on the recourse possible to obtain repairs after the dramas of Ceuta and Melilla. A procedure against the European Union, but also towards the national courts in Morocco and in Spain, are considered. To be followed...

A press review (in French) is available, as well as the reports of debates and seminars organized by Migreurop, and an audio version of the seminar on borders and the externalisation of asylum.

Lastly, a call was launched by the participants of the Forum for the respect and the dignity of the migrants. Don’t forget to sign and to circulate it in your networks.