Against prejudices and in support of Migreurop: Claire Rodier’s book “Migrants and refugees”

Answers to indecisive, anxious and reluctant persons

The arrival of significant numbers of refugees and migrants in Europe after an exhausting route, as well as the numerous deaths in the Mediterranean Sea have often moved and “shocked” Europe’s population. However, after the first compassion and solidarity impulses, concerns and hesitations emerge, and many questions arise: what is the difference between refugees and migrants? Do France and Europe have the capacity to welcome this influx of migrants, given the economic crisis? Are walls useful?

These are the legitimate questions Claire Rodier’s last book has been made to address. It was made in collaboration with Catherine Portevin and destined to a wide audience, keen to find a reliable information, guided by the defence of fundamental rights of migrants and refugees. Presented in a questions-answers format, it helps to understand what is at stake for our societies, our world view and our political choices regarding migrants’ fate.

The writers and the publisher Editions La Decouverte decided to donate the net incomes of the book to Migreurop so feel free to support our network by making this book known: it is cheap (4.9e) and politically essential!

For more information, visit the website of Editions La Decouverte

Claire Rodier is a lawyer at Gisti (Groupe d’information et de soutien des immigrés) and the co-funder of Migreurop network.

Catherine Portevin is a journalist at Télérama.