« Hotspots » and « processing centres »: The new forms of the European policy of sorting, encampment and outsourcing of exiles

Since 2002, the Migreurop network analyses and denounces the encampment policy, a key element of the arsenal used by the European Union (EU) to wage its war against migrants. The Calais region is one of several spaces of police sovereignty where States and European Agencies exonerate themselves from national laws and international conventions in order to block the exiles seeking protection and/or a better life. These exiles, who often put their lives on the line to reach the Franco-British border, are left to survive in these makeshift camps.

The lasting conflicts in Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan, the human rights violations in Eritrea, Soudan and in other parts of the world, as well as the deterioration of living conditions in the “reception” camps have pushed hundreds of thousands of people to reach the EU to request asylum. However, there are even more exiles who are trapped in transit countries, thousands of them perished during their journey and only a part of the survivors were decently welcomed.

It is in this context that the " hotspots" terminology (especially for Italy and Greece) and "processing centre" (in Niger in particular) have become the new keywords in the European institutions’ communication. Activists and researchers gathered in Calais will exchange views both on these projects and the effects which can already be observed in a number of regions declared as “front lines” of the fight against the so-called illegal emigration. Participants from Greece, Turkey, Italy and Niger will share their experiences and analysis in order to strengthen the defence of human rights and the collective struggles in favour of freedom of movement in Calais, Europe and beyond.

Saturday December, 12th, 2015 – from 3pm to 7pm
At the Centre de séjour/Auberge de Jeunesse of Calais (Rue du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny)
Free entrance according to availability (100 seats).
French/English interpretation provided.