A documentary of Hélène CROUZILLAT and Laetitia TURA

“Where are they, all these persons gone but never arrived?”Messengers is on the fragile limit that separate alive migrants and dead ones. This focus on dead people with no tomb questions the ghost part of Europe.

Charlotte Garson for the « Catalogue du Cinéma du Réel », 2014


From the Sahara to Melilla, witnesses talk about how they narrowly escaped death, which took away their companions, literally and symbolically, as migrants drowned at the border. People cross the Sahara on foot. They reach the enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla where they remain "trapped" in Morocco. The film alternates interviews with the head of the Spanish Civil Guard (presenting the "no harm to migrants" high tech barrier) and dense and poignant testimonies of migrants who also speak for their more unlucky fellow travelers who drowned or were killed by bullets next to them. An accusation to a Europe that pretends not to see.
Release in cinema in France : 8th April 2015

The documentary is available in French, English and Italian.

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