mapping as a means to denounce the detention of migrants in Europe and beyond

In occasion of the 15-J, the Spanish day of action against the “internment centres for foreigners” (CIE) on 15 June, Migreurop launches the Spanish version of the website, a database and a “Dynamic mapping of the detention of migrants” aimed at facilitating access to information on immigration detention and its consequences on the life and the rights of migrants.

393. This is the number of closed camps detaining migrants that appear on the, website launched (in French and English) last December in the framework of the campaign Open Access Now that calls, since 2011, for unconditional access for civil society members and for journalists to immigration detention centres.

Migreurop which, for over a decade, has systematised data collection and has documented this phenomenon – aims to mobilise individuals and organisations involved in the defence of migrants’ rights who oppose all mechanisms developed to detain and deport migrants. To this end, Migreurop members have participated in the preparatory activities ahead of the 15-J event to demand the closure of these centers, which constitute, by nature, a violation of migrants’ fundamental rights and where allegations of breach of detainees’ rights persist.

The website es.closethecamps.orgwill be online on Sunday 15 June at 10am.

13 June 2014