Route to Lampedusa!

Press release n°7

After three days of action in Tunisia, Oloferne resumes off.

Boats4People activities culminating in Monastir. The days of preparation for the World Social Forum have strengthened the dynamics of common struggle, whether the mobilization of migrants in the Maghreb or those of relatives of the dead and missing at sea migrants.

Oloferne is preparing to sail the route of migrants heading to Lampedusa, one of the gates of fortress Europe, where we will continue monitoring activities and our “occupation” of the maritime space of the Mediterranean where violations of the rights of migrants occur continuously in almost total impunity.

If we were to meet, in the course of sailing, migrants’ boats in distress,
we will respect the obligation of aid and will exert the right to lend assistance, under international law. Ours is not a mission to support, or humanitarian’s one, because the deaths and disappearances at sea will end only when the anti-migration European policies will no longer force people to take off putting in danger their lives.

We will arrive in Lampedusa on Sunday, July 15 around midday. The
association Askavusa and local supporters of Boats4People will be present to welcome the “goletta”.

The final stage of the Boats4People is only the beginning of a struggle that our organizations are going to continue until the end.

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