Romania, Otopeni camp : « We are not allowed to go outside! »

Detainee’s stories collected on the phone on the 11/06/2012

Migreurop has received a new distress call from detainees of a Romanian detention camp. Few months ago, the network has already been warned about the dramatic situation of migrants detained in the Arad closed camp, in the western part of the country. Few days ago, detainees of the second detention camp of the country, Otopeni, near Bucharest, wished to make their cry for help heard.

« At the moment, we are about 70 in Otopeni. There are a lot of different nationalities.

Life conditions are very tough in the camp.

You know Arad? Otopeni is the same.

We do not eat well, we cannot go outside, policemen do not respect us, we cannot see a doctor.

Some of us are here, confined this way for more than 4 months. They cannot stand it anymore. They want to begin a hunger strike.

Romanian even expelled a Palestinian couple whose wife was pregnant to Palestine. There is also this Tunisian, married to a Romanian for nearly two years, he is imprisoned in the camp but he don’t even know why.

We need help.”

Detainees from Otopeni detention center (Romania)

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