BOSNIA: detainee of Lukavica’s camps: “the centre has been designed on European standards; this is the law which has not been designed on European standards”

"I, Ismaël Hacen Iyad, hereby wish to explain that despite all complaints and appeals launched to organizations we met, there is neither change regarding our situation, nor serious attempts to help us in this deadlock.

On the contrary, I feel we have become subjects of experimentation by the Bosnian intelligence service. In the name of law, they laugh at us. Even if the Bosnian law lays down that the person’s turning back has to be to the last country crossed, in our case Montenegro, or to the country of origin, we did not benefit from these laws, despite we have fingerprints in Montenegro and Kosovo.

Moreover, all the organizations we met could not help because everything is controlled by the Ministry of security and it is for months.

On the 23rd of February 2011, a person from the European Parliament has visited the centre: “rooms, beds, toilets...etc.” but he did not meet us and did not ask to. The visit has been focused on the infrastructures and not on guards’ behavior, inadequate law...etc.

Finally, it is all I can say in this appeal, we are fed of complaints; we did not sorrow for beds, rooms and toilets because the centre has been designed on European standards, this is the law which has not been designed on European standards.

Thank you,

Ismaël Hacen Iyad”

08/03/2011, detention centre of Lukavica (Bosnia Herzegovina)