FAX CAMPAIGN: Realease of the hunger strikers of Lukavica camps

(AVAILABLE IN Bosnian/Monenegrin/Serbian/Croatian. Enclosed)

Since more than 35 days, 5 detainees of the Lukavica’s detention centre do a hunger strike denouncing their conditions of detention and the opacity of their administrative situation.

The European Commissioner of Human Rights, Mr Thomas Hammarberg and the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT) have been alerted of the situation.

Local NGOs are also aware of the situation and try to find solution there.

Migreurop launches a fax campaign to send to the head of the detention centre asking for their release and an effective access to legal counseling.

You can also send a fax on your name. Below, an example of fax and the fax number.

You can also send this request to your contacts and network in order to do the same.

Fax number of Lukavica camp: +387 (0) 57 342 498

Example de fax:

We are aware that five people who are detained for breaching legislation on foreigners have been on hunger strike for 35 days in the Lukavica camp. They are weak, some of them are ill, they do not have any contact with the outside world and still do not have genuine legal counsel. They are held for an indefinite period with 15 other people.

We know that the only detainees who have access to legal assistance in the centre are asylum seekers. The others have not been provided any information about the procedure concerning their detention. This silence contravenes international conventions, particularly the International Convention on the Rights of all Migrant Workers and the European Convention on Human Rights, of which Bosnia is a signatory.

We demand the immediate release of the hunger strikers. Apart from past and current breaches of their rights, they are at the end of their strength and their health is in danger.

We also call upon the Bosnian authorities to put an end to the violation of the rights of detainees in the camp of Lukavica, to respect the right to file an appeal against the detention measure, as well as the right to enjoy the assistance of a legal advisor and an interpreter.

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Tel: 01 53 27 87 81