The revision of article 13 on Migration of the Cotonou Partnership Agreement What’s at stake for the ACP?

European Center for Developement and Policy Management-ECDPM, Eleonora Koeb and Henrike Hohmeister December 2009

Article 13 on ‘Migration’ is a priority issue for European Union (EU) member states in the
revision of the Cotonou Partnership Agreement (CPA). However, the ongoing revision
process scheduled to be finalised at the end of February 2010 does not seem to be even
moderately high on anyone’s agenda. This is a shame, as surely it is in the interest of both
parties to make the most of this framework for ACP-EU relations that will expire in 2020.
The CPA is the largest North-South partnership in the world and with its co-decision, joint
management and Non-State-Actors participation principles, is regarded by some also as
one of the most progressive cooperation frameworks. Its future after 2020 is nevertheless
unclear and the current revision is an opportunity to ensure that it remains relevant in a
changing context.

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