Declaration of Members of the European Parliament against the forced return of Afghans to Kaboul

on Tuesday, 15th December

Whereas we called out, here in plenary session on November 24th, to the Council and the Commission, on the "joint removals of irregular migrants to Afghanistan", one cannot but notice that France and Great-Britain are looking for persisting in joint expulsion operations.

Today, nine afghans held in the retention centre of Calais-Coquelles and two others held in Lille, have seen themselves notified of their expulsion to Afghanistan for Tuesday, 15th December.

Whereas they have fled the war and have sought protection in Europe, the French authorities are about to send those migrants back to Afghanistan, putting them at risk to serious safety and humanitarian dangers.

We call upon the cessation of these indignant expulsions which violate the principle of non-refoulement, as guaranteed by the ECHR and the Geneva Convention. We affirm the urgency to suspend any forced return to Afghanistan, and to make effective the right to protection in Europe.

Signatories :

 ALFONSI François, Greens-EFA, France

 ARIF Kader, S&D, France

 BEARDER Catherine, ALDE, United-Kingdom

 BELIER Sandrine, Greens-EFA, France

 BENARAB-ATTOU Malika, Greens-EFA, France

 BENNAHMIAS Jean-Luc, ALDE, France

 BESSET Jean-Paul, Greens-EFA, France

 BOVE José, Greens-EFA, France

 CANFIN Pascal, Greens-EFA, France

 CASTEX Françoise, S&D, France

 CHOUNTIS Nikolaos, GUE-NGL, Greece

 COHN-BENDIT Daniel, Greens-EFA, France

 DE KEYSER Véronique, S&D, Germany

 DELLI Karima, Greens-EFA, France

 DELVAUX Anne, EPP, Belgium

 DE SARNEZ Marielle, ALDE, France

 DESIR Harlem, S&D, France

 ERNST Cornelia, GUE-NGL, Germany

 FLAUTRE Hélène, Greens-EFA, France

 GREZE Catherine, Greens-EFA, France

 GUILLAUME Sylvie, S&D, France

 HOANG-NGOC Liem, S&D, France

 JADOT Yannick, Greens-EFA, France

 JOLY Eva, Greens-EFA, France

 KELLER Franziska, Greens-EFA, Germany

 KIIL-NIELSEN Nicole, Greens-EFA, France

 LAMBERT Jean, Greens-EFA, United-Kingdom

 LEPAGE Corinne, ALDE, France

 LOCHBILHER Barbara, Greens-EFA, Germany

 LÖSING Sabine, GUE-NGL, Germany

 LUCAS Caroline, Greens-EFA, United-Kingdom

 LUNACEK Ulrike, Greens-EFA, Austria

 MELENCHON Jean-Luc, GUE-NGL, France

 PARGNEAUX Gilles, S&D, France

 PORTAS Miguel, GUE-NGL, Portugal

 PEILLON Vincent, S&D, France

 RIVASI Michèle, Greens-EFA, France

 ROMEVA i RUEDA Raül, Greens-EFA, Spain

 SARGENTINI Judith, Greens-EFA, Netherlands

 STAES Bart, Greens-EFA, Belgium

 TIROLIEN Patrice, S&D, France

 TRAUTMANN Catherine, S&D, France

 TREMOPOULOS Michail, Greens-EFA, Greece


 VERGIAT Marie-Christine, GUE-NGL, France

 VERGNAUD Bernadette, S&D, France

 WEBER Henri, S&D, France