Europe of the future : a place of rights or of exclusion ?

For an equal and efficient European policy on immigration and asylum

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With the support of Regione Liguria

Europe of the future : a place of rights or of exclusion ?

For an equal and efficient European policy on immigration and asylum

Genoa, May the 23rd 2009

Sala Conferenze - Museo Sant’Agostino Piazza Sarzano 35r

(Metrò fermata Sant’Agostino)


h 10.00

Welcome - Luca Borzani, President of the Fondazione Cultura di Genova

Opening of the conference

Walter Massa, President Arci Liguria

Enrico Vesco, Assessore all’immigrazione della Regione Liguria

Chairs : Filippo Miraglia, immigration sector ARCI

First Session

European Policies

· Anneliese Baldaccini (Advisor to the UK House of Lords), European legislation on immigration : entry and stay

· Claire Rodier ( Migreurop ), Border management

· Claudia Charles (Gisti), Readmission agreements

Debate (scheduled interventions)

Second Session

Immigration as a paradigm of the future of Europe

· Ferruccio Pastore (FIERI), European Constitution, Chart of Nice and immigration

· Piero Soldini (Cgil), European citizenship and immigration

· Chadia Arab(IDD), Migration and Development in the EU

Debate (scheduled interventions)

Third Sessions

The right to asylum

· Lorenzo Trucco (Asgi), European legislation and the right to asylum

· Carmen Cordaro (Arci - Asgi), The access to asylum demand and the management of mixed flows : borders and the right to asylum

· Mauricio Valiente (CEAR), European policies on accommodation and social assistance for asylum seekers and refugees

Debate (scheduled interventions)

Forth Session

Migrant women

· Maria Miguel Sierra (Voix des Femmes), European policies addressed to migrant women

· Mercedes Frias, The role of Ngos and the empowerment of migrant women


h 17.00

Public Assembly

Which future for immigration in Europe ?

Debate on the role of civil society, Ngos and institutions

Members of the European Parliament and candidate Members, Nat ional Members of Parliament, officers from European and Nat ional institutions, NGOs and anti-racist militants will discuss on a European civil society platform on immigration.

Conclusion and launch of the platform

Among the participants :

The members of the European Parliament Patrizia Toia, Monica Frassoni, Claudio Fava, Vittorio Agnoletto

The civil society representants Claire Rodier, Filippo Miraglia, Piero Soldini, Lorenzo Trucco, Renzo Fior, Mauricio Valiente, Brigitte Espuche, Nazzareno Guarnieri, Omeyya Seddik, Joao Antunes, Sean Bamford

The President of the Region Liguria, Claudio Burlando, has been invited.

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