Migreurop seminar, Cecina 2008

Cecina (Italy) Friday, 18 July 10 am - 2 pm

The project of creating a « European Borders Observatory » aims at fostering non-governmental information on the situation of migrants at the borders, at denouncing violations of rights committed there, at promoting those rights, and thus improving the consideration for fundamental rights in the immigration policies of both transit and host countries.

The meeting will provide the opportunity for presenting the project and for drawing attention to the following geographical zones in view of the annual publication of the « Report on Human Rights at the Borders » :

The border between Greece and Turkey, with an account by Salinia Stroux of the Diktio association (Greece) and .... of HCA/RLAP (TURKEY)

Malta-Italy-Libya, the southern frontiers of Europe, with the participation of ARCI (Italy) and of Céline Warnier de Wailly (Malta)

Calais, buffer zone between Great Britain and France, with the participation of Jean Pierre Alaux (Gisti)

Maroc, the border of deportation, with the participation of Said Tbel (AMDH)

The Canaries, doors to Europe
, with the participation of the CEAR association (Spanish committee of help for refugees)

Air Borders, the case of Roissy airport, with the participation of ANAFE

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