What modes of intervention, what prospects for a « right of access » in detention camps for non-nationals ?

international meeting, Paris, Nov 23, 2007

International Meeting, Paris, 23 November 2007

Migreurop is a European network of activists and scholars aimed at spreading knowledge about the generalization of retention for undocumented foreigners as well as the increasing number of camps, the latter being at the centre of EU migration policy. Among Migreurop’s means of action : publicize the existence of a Europe of camps and the mobilizations against it (...) in order that no one should ignore that large-scale locking up and large-scale expulsion of foreigners are a current reality in the European Union. (...)Act at European level towards a mobilization against the Europe of camps by promoting exchanges between groups that have diverse objectives and practices but may occasionally take common or coordinated steps. » Extract of the presentation of Migreurop Network

The meeting will be an opportunity for member organizations and partners of the Migreurop network to exchange information about their modes of intervention on the question of the locking up of migrants. Those modes show a great variety : they range from the situation in France, where the law allows a very strictly supervised access to detention places for persons or organizations specifically authorized by the public authorities, to the case of Cyprus, where the few organizations defending the rights of foreigners suffer repression from the public authorities, whereas in Eastern Europe, where the issue of the detention of migrants is a recent one, and in Mediterranean countries, the access to detention camps is often informal and depends on political bargaining power.

Questions relating to regulations (on migrants’detention, on access to detention places : who, how, under what conditions ?) and to mobilizations carried on at national level in order to improve transparency and to publicize the situation as to detention in the different countries will be met during the meeting. The exchange should lead to a better mutual knowledge of the organizations’ methods of intervention in detention camps, and should also reinforce cooperation between field actors in the different countries.

The discussion will develop around an exchange about the experiences and the means of action as set out by Migreurop member associations and by the following organizations who have been invited by the network :
PIC (Legal-information Centre for NGOS) Slovenia, Hungarian Helsinki Committee, HCA/RLAP (Helsinki Citizen’s Assembly Refuge Legal Aid Program) Turkey, RAD Center (Rom ashkali documentation center) Kosovo, KISA (Action for Equality, Support, Antiracism) Cyprus, Solim (Solidariedade Imigrante) Portugal, AMDH (Association Mauritanienne des droits humains) Mauritania, ASMD (Association sud pour la migration et le développement) Maroc; Moviment Graffitti, Malte

As a continuation of the conclusions reached at the Migreurop seminar in Cecina on « violations of human rights at the frontiers » (July 2007), the symposium will aim at organizing a collective campaign for a « right of access » in detention places for migrants.

The meeting will take place in Paris from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

21 ter rue Voltaire
75011 Paris

Metro : Nation (lines 1, 2, 6, 9, RER A) - rue de Boulets (line 9)