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reminders for a proper functioning of the migreurop mailing-list

A reminder for a proper functioning of the migreurop mailing-list

migreurop@rezo.net mailing-list was created in 2003 for the circulation of information and debates about the European externalization policies and detention centres for migrants.
Other topics are not relevant, particularly personal exchanges and private wars.


The mailing-list is not moderated. Concretely, it means that:

 the mails are not controlled for approbation before being sent to the list (i.e. to all subscribers).
A moderation process may exceptionally be activated (for one or several subscribers, or even for all the subscribers) in case of an « invasion » of unrelevant messages.

 the circulation of messages on the mailing-list does not imply individual agreement with their content or their political orientation, although if you send an article or a statement that you consider questionable, it is recommended that you add a short comment.

 subscription to the mailing-list implies an acceptation of the above mentioned working rules.
The free circulation of information guaranteed by the absence of moderation remains workable only if certain collective working rules are respected by all.

Therefore all are required to respect some general principles.

1) What can be sent on the mailing-list

 Information on the externalization policies and their consequences, on detention camps, on border controls, on mobilizations and actions related to those subjects

 Calls and informations about initiatives, demonstrations, rallies, concerts, conferences, etc. dealing with these topics

 Debates on those themes

 Therefore no lasting debates on national or regional policies that have no direct link with externalization policies and detention centres for migrants: infos on immigration policies in general, regularization in specific countries, demonstrations or mobilizations at a national level or other themes such as anti-war or anti-G8 mobilizations, etc., must be avoided (there are many mailing- lists and websites dedicated to these topics).

2) What is prohibited on the mailing-list

 Messages advocating hateful ideologies and actions: sexism, racism, antisemitism, negationistm, homophobia, xenophobia and other scums.

 Messages of a strictly personal nature

 Messages aimed at settling or fostering personal differences or disputes

 Messages of a commercial or advertizing nature (spams)

 Alert messages about viruses

The managers of the mailing-list reserve the right to unsubscribe those who would keep on sending such messages after a warning.

Do not forget that this mailing-list is international: try to write a short summary in the main languages (French and English), and if possible a summary in Spanish and Italian