The criminalisation of solidarity, focus on migrants in solidarity

Public webinar organised by Migreurop

On December 9, 2022, Migreurop organised a webinar on criminalisation of solidarity with a focus on migrants in solidarity. While the issue of the crime of solidarity is now increasingly highlighted within Euro-African civil societies, little is said about the criminalisation of migrants in solidarity with their own cause, yet prosecuted for much more serious offences and sentenced to much heavier prison terms.


Presentation of the webinar: Claudia Charles, Gisti

1. Introduction: panorama of the criminalisation of solidarity - Romain Lanneau, Statewatch

Unfortunately there was a problem during the recording of this speech in English, it is only in French, we apologise for that

2. Criminalisation in Europe: Belgium - Marie Doutrepont, Progress Lawyers Network

3. Criminalisation outside Europe, consequences of European migration policies:

3.1 Morocco - Omar Naji, AMDH Morocco
Caution, a part of the translation of Omar Naji’s speech is missing, which you can find in FR.

3.2 Niger - Ibrahim Mukhtar, Nile University d’Abuja et Azizou Chehou, Alarmphone Sahara


4. Emblematic figures targeted: boat drivers

4.1 Greece - Julia Winkler, Borderline Europe

4.2 Italy - Richard Braude, ARCI Porco Rosso

5. Criminalisation of mobilisation/autonomy of struggles: Tunisia - Latifa Walhazi, President of the association of mothers of disappeared migrants in Tunisia

Discussion and conclusion

Interpreters EN/FR: Sarah Baily and Magali Liebens