Opening of the « Moria 35 » trial on 20 April on Chios Island

Continuing its interest in the self-mobilization of exiles and protests in their camps, Migreurop is participating in international observations of the Moria trial in which 35 people are being prosecuted as a result of their protesting against the inhuman conditions of their detention. With its experience of observing legal processes, the Migreurop network, which favours the closure of all camps for foreigners, is present at this trial, which symbolizes the unjust migration policies adopted by members of the European Union (EU). By its presence and via daily reports, the network will support the exiles’ actions by helping to keep them in the public eye

Statement from the Trial Observation Delegation
Opening of the « Moria 35 » trial on 20 April on Chios Island (Greece)

On the 18th of July 2017, 35 residents of Moria hotspot on Lesvos Island in Greece were arrested after a demonstration organised in the camp earlier in the day. Hundreds of the camps inhabitants took part in this protest against their inhumane living conditions.

A few days later, Amnesty International have called on Greek authorities to immediately investigate the allegations of excessive use of force and ill-treatment allegedly committed by the police. This police violence has been filmed and disseminated in the media in the days that followed the demonstration.

35 inhabitants of the camp now stand accused of various serious offences.

The « Moria 35 » trial, begins on 20 April on Chios Island in Greece.

Prosecuted for arson, resisting arrest, attempted assault, rioting, damage to private property and disturbing the public peace, they risk up to 10 years in prison, exclusion to the right of asylum and deportation to countries which they fled. 30 of them are in custody since July 2017.

The signatories of this Statement consider it essential that the trial has an international public audience. Our organizations will be attending hearings for the entire duration of the trial in order to ensure international oversight and observe the proceedings in view of the principles of independence and impartiality of courts and the right to a fair trial.

 Avocats Sans Frontières France
 Dutch League for Human Rights
 European Association of Lawyers for Democracy and Human Rights
 European Democratic Lawyers (Avocats Européens Démocrates)
 Fasti (Fédération des associations de solidarité avec tous-te-s les immigré-e-s)
 Gisti (Groupe d’information et de soutien des immigré·e·s)
 Haldane Society
 Internationl Association of Democratic Lawyers
 Progressive Lawyers Association - Turkey
 Swiss Democratic Lawyers / Juristes démocrates de Suisse (DJS – JDS)

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