European Union’s complicity in Human rights violations at the Greek-Turkish border

Collective communication

The Greek authority’s announcement to deport exiles to Erdogan’s Turkey or even to their country of origin, without any examination of their situation and their need for protection, is unbearable.

The situation at the Greek-Turkish border is the consequence of the policy of the European Union, which is closing borders, externalising asylum and bargaining with unscrupulous states.

Xenophobia, racism and their normalisation must be opposed everywhere they surface, be it in Turkey, Greece and anywhere else. The instrumentalisation of the lives of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees reduced to a threat and a bargaining chip must end, both in domestic electoral campaigns and in the relations between the Turkish government and the EU.

The security policies that push thousands of already displaced people into a limbo and the border regimes that cause the endless cycle of violence against them must cease.

What we demand are peace, fundamental rights and freedoms of every person on the move.

  • Borders are killing, open the borders!
  • Stop the war on refugees & migrants!
  • Transnational solidarity against racism and war!
  • For a free world without borders, exploitation, and exile.

We call for protests wherever possible, and in Paris on Monday 2 March at 6 p.m. at the Representation of the European Commission, 288 boulevard Saint-Germain, metro "Assemblée nationale".